Transportation of ODC and Overweight cargoes is one of the hardest ways of cargo transport in our business; handling heavy and big cargo takes special care, expertise and attention. Shipments are typically time bound and highly valuable; we ensure that our experience and dedicated project staff will ensure safe and timey delivery of your cargo, whether it is transported by rail or by inland transport.

Multimodan Transport is very interesting approach that solves a big part of cargo mobility problems. We offer you cargo transportation with more than one mode of transport under control or ownership of one operator. It involves the use of more than one means of transport such as combination of truck, railcar, railways, plane or container shipping lines; we offer you best multimodal solutions to bring your cargo and goods in our Region from whole around the world! Our highly trained and experienced stuff and network partners will make sure to offer you best logistical solutions to deliver your business in your market!

One of the most popular ways to deliver your cargo in our Region is by inland transportation (FTL/LTL), it may be not the cheapest one but it’s certainly the easiest way to deliver your goods (doesn’t depends if its full truck, one pallet or small box) in your warehouse;

Main benefits for inland transport is:

  • Ability to deliver the goods without reloading
  • Door to door delivery, from shippers to your warehouse
  • Possibility to consolidate different cargo from different shippers and clients in one truck (LTL)
  • Possibility to deliver Out of Gauge cargoes and overweight cargoes
  • Dangerous goods transportation

Our highly trained stuff will offer you an extensive network of transport providers, constant monitoring and quality assurance, timely pick-up and delivery of your goods and time saving and cost efficient single point of contact;

We will ensure that your goods will be collected and delivered to the right place at the right time;

Why choose us?

  • Competitive rates
  • Professional consultation
  • High quality service
  • Worldwide partners network
  • Client oriented approach
  • Efficient execution of orders
  • Liability insured